What Do Environmental Consultants Do?

Environmental consultants are hired by business and governments to test and manage air, soil and water quality, do environmental audits, monitor the environmental impacts of construction, mining and the like, monitor compliance with environmental standards, write environmental policies or take measures to mitigate or perform remediation on damaged areas of the environment.

Environmental consulting is a diverse field and the objective on particular jobs vary, but it will usually involve the employment of better business practices to benefit a client economically, through improved environmental practices, or to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Below is a video done by an environmental consultant in Australia where he talks about a Job they are doing in Melbourne. in the video he explains what his company is doing on site and why they are doing it. I love this companies You Tube Channel because it has a lot of videos like this,  shot in field situations, so they are great to watch if you want to get a better understanding of the day to day tasks done on site by environmental consultants working in land auditing.

The Day to day tasks environmental consultants engage in are varied and may include developing standard operating procedures, developing and managing environmental management systems, monitoring environmental standard, measuring and analysing air, soil and water quality and much more. Some specific areas of environmental practice include:

  • Contaminated land consulting
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Resource and asset management &
  • Ecological Consulting

Often times builders, developers or businesses will need the assistance of environmental consultants to prove that their business, building site or development is in compliance with relevant environmental regulations or laws, and in these circumstances environmental or ecological consultants will provide reports for these clients that documents the relevant scientific tests, for example soil, water and air testing results required by law. These reports will usually be presented to an approved auditor or government department so that approvals can be obtained.

To find out more about environmental consultants the U.S.A, Australia, or the UK , check out our directory listing where we have listed some of the bigger associations in these countries.

Required Qualifications and Experience

As well as obtaining any relevant science degrees and qualifications, Environmental consultants need strong analytical skills and an ability to think “outside the square.”  Knowledge of and experience working with GIS (geographic information systems) and computer modelling are also highly desirable skills.  Also, as a great deal of environmental consulting is considered compliance consulting” a knowledge of the prevailing environmental regulations in any state of country is also essential.



Environmental Consulting Careers

Environmental consultants are often trained in a specific field and then apply this training to a specific industry, so the list of related environmental careers is endless.  Because of this, environmental careers tend to be in specific disciplines in which the consultants themselves are trained, for example environmental engineering, environmental science, and the many specializations within them, for example contaminated land management, agriculture, mining or air quality management.  For example an Environmental consulting firm like Atma Environmental in Melbourne Australia specialises in contaminated land management, while a consultancy like Molino Stewart in Sydney offers a much broader range of environmental consulting services including ecological consulting and natural hazards management.

A major in science with a sub-major in law would be an ideal degree for someone looking to establish a career in Environmental consulting.