Car repairs and Maintenance – Car Symptoms that Feels Trouble

14 Feb

Several parts of your car manifest symptoms you can feel as trouble. The engine, the brake, steering, etc are common spots where symptoms readily indicate your vehicle needs quick fix and maintenance. The following are common parts of your car and the trouble that you could feel when things go bad.

Engine Symptoms- The troubles associated with engines could vary depending on the cause. Common symptoms of troubled engine are: poor acceleration, poor fuel economy, continues running even after the key is removed, excessive use of oil, rough stalling or idling, difficulty starting, and “check engine” light on the dashboard lit.

Transmission Symptoms – Transmission system of a vehicle could be faulty and lead to poor performance. The common symptom of this part of the car are: failure to shift during acceleration, abrupt shifts between gears, delayed shift from neutral to drive or reverse, no acceleration during engine speed up, and slippage during acceleration.

Brake Symptoms – Brake problems are common in vehicles. The symptoms to watch out for include: the brake pedal sinks to the floor when brake is applied, the pulls to a side when brake is applied, the “brake” light on the dashboard is indicating, and you hear or feel a grinding or scalping sound when applying brake.

Steering and Wheel Symptoms – There are trouble signs associated with the steering. The common troubles are: difficult steering in a straight line as a result of misaligned front wheels. If steering components like the ball joint or idler are worn, it could lead still lead to difficult steering. The steering could have the tendency of pulling the vehicle to the right or left. This is another symptom to look out for. This is often caused by misaligned front end, or under-inflated tires.

Conclusively, these are symptoms that change the feel of your car. Other troubles can be associated with poor shock absorbers, springs, and tires. Defects in these parts means trouble and the driver should consult a qualified car mechanic to fix these problems. Luckily, there are many auto repair shops where good mechanics can be consulted.